Fierce Women | The Follow Your Heart Workshop Part II by Rebecca Pickett

In my 35 years there have been many women who have come along and poured into me. I have had mentors in just about every area of my life and without those women, I'd not be who I am today. Fierce women have taught me to love hard, work hard, laugh hard, forgive hard and pray hard. Because life is hard. I've come to love the word "fierce". It stirs something in me. It fits a woman who has stood strong in the storms of life. It applies to women who can humbly admit their weaknesses and mistakes and be real about their struggles. It embodies those women who accept that failure is part of the road to success and in fact it's a requirement. It describes women who have cried together, laughed together, screamed together and prayed together in this life because we can admit that we simply need one another. To all the fierce women who have spoken truth to me, poured love and wisdom into me, encouraged and uplifted me, and those who have forgiven me and loved me through the storms ... these images are for you. One of the highlights of my weekend in West Virginia was getting to photograph two women that I admire on so many levels. Candice Zugich and Sarah Hill have taught me so much and have shown me what it means to be fierce. They are the cool girls that let you sit beside them. They are the women who fully represent what it means to live out community over competition. They are power houses of talent, love and realness. I adore them, I admire them and I hope that in my life I make other women feel as amazing as they have made me feel. May we all know fierce women, raise fierce women and become fierce women. 


A weekend of reflection and restoration | The Follow Your Heart Workshop Part I by Rebecca Pickett

There are so many things that I could share about my journey as a photographer. I've been doing this for 8 years now and that doesn't include all those exciting teenage years of carrying a point and shoot in my back pocket or strapped to my wrist wherever I went. I'm self taught. I know there are people who believe that makes me unprofessional or inexperienced or even uneducated. Those people aren't my tribe and to be quite honest, that thought process doesn't fit well into my village anyway. I believe in what I do. I haven't always. I've grown a lot and have come through many seasons of change in this industry. This is very much a journey to finding myself as well as my talent and my passion. I have watched more youtube videos and tutorials than I can even remember. I have invested in equipment upgrades, business necessities and have given a lot of heart and soul for this career. This weekend out did everything I have every done for RPP. I want to be witty and clever in this post and I want you to know that this gathering of women was unlike any other I've ever experienced...but at the same time, I simply want to tell you that a weekend with Sarah Hill, Candice Zugich, Sarah Cornish and Spanki Mills completely changed who I am as a photographer. It wasn't that they gave me some secret I wasn't aware of or taught me everything I never knew ... it was simply that these four amazingly talented women poured their hearts and minds out to me and 22 other women. Their raw honesty and willingness to share made me realize that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. It doesn't matter if I'm as busy as I want to be or not ... this is exactly where I want to be and I cannot wait to see where this journey is going to take me. 

I'm sharing in two blog posts my images from the weekend. It was hilarious, shocking, emotional, fun and truly life changing. There were animals ... animals galore. There were jokes for days. There were tears. There were hugs. There were authentic friendships being manifested and seeds of love being spread all around. The Follow Your Heart Workshop is hands down the BEST investment I have made into myself and into my clients. I hope you enjoy the beautiful light, amazing models and intimate moments. 

My day with Sarah Garman of Purple Fern Photography by Rebecca Pickett

Let me just go ahead and say it ... one of my favorite sessions of all time. The world of photography is complicated and competitive. I've been doing this for eight years and through many ups and downs have yet to really find my tribe in this industry. I have so much respect and love for other creatives and love supporting them in any way that I can. This is the day I hugged a woman who I discovered to be one of my favorite people in my little world of art. Sarah hired me...that alone is one of the biggest compliments that can be given to a photographer. She didn't just hire me though. She hired me, invited me to INCREDIBLE home and let me photograph her with her most prized possessions, her littles. Humbled doesn't even describe the condition of my heart. In the weeks leading up to her session we text one another often and I came to realize that she was like my long lost photography best friend. Crazy how the world works. We laughed. We talked about motherhood. We laughed more. I'm so blessed to have this talented woman as a close friend now. Check out how amazing these three are! I cannot wait to do a couples session with her and her man, y'all! 

Mary and her twin darlings | Mommy cuddles, dirty feet and mud stained dresses by Rebecca Pickett

Mary and her little twin darlings were a highlight of my month. I offer these Darling Sessions on special for the month of May in honor of Mother's Day and I am never disappointed. I wasn't so sure if the girls were going to love me. When we met, they were both distraught from a long car ride and a stop by a porta potty that didn't go so well. I was able to heal a burning nose with an air freshener (we all know porta johns are horrifying) and from that point on I won them over. Our time was high energy and on their term and I was totally okay with that. The Shenandoah River, once again, did not disappoint. The clouds settled in and I wasn't excited about losing my favorite light, but their beauty would have lit up any sky. 

Darlings in the Shenandoah River by Rebecca Pickett

One of my favorites types of sessions is the Darling Session. The connection between mother and child is one that cannot be duplicated. Not even mother to mother. Every woman has a different bond with her children, even with each child. This connection, this love, it's powerful. Catherine and her little loves came to me for a sweet evening with beautiful light and lots of snuggles. Look at how stinkin' cute they are!