Francis and Katrina | Spark Session | Open Fields / by Rebecca Pickett

Francis and Katrina, they don't get much more adorable than these two. New love with big plans and bigger dreams. She's a hairdresser and he's in the US Marines. They will be parting ways for some time while he is sent away. I believe that love still exists in a world full of hate. I believe that love can withstand distance and time. I'm cheering these two on because there simply can never be too much love. I asked Francis what he admired most about Katrina and he took a moment and then shared a few thoughts, like that she is family oriented, and then finished by saying "she's everything a man could ever want in a woman". The world around us tells us to not be satisfied with just one. Always be looking for bigger, better, more. What if we could all embrace that each of us is enough? Be content with one another and love deeply.