This Life | The MacDonald Family / by Rebecca Pickett

Today matters. The seemingly unimportant things matter. The in between moments should be embraced and documented.

I've never used back space so much in my life. Putting this blog post together has been far more challenging to me than I ever imagined it would be. I overthink. Go figure. I want you to understand the depth of my heart for this session. Walking into the home of this sweet family the morning I found out my former pastor, the man who married my husband and I, had gone home to be with The Lord did something to me. I knew I wanted to create a gallery of images that they could cherish forever. Part of me wanted to suppress the reality that one of my favorite men of God had left behind his wife and four daughters at such a young age; thinking that might be best so I could stay focused. The other part of me wanted to keep that right in the front of my mind as I watched this family through the lens of my camera...and so I did. As I watched these sweet darlings play, laugh, create, imagine, help, make messes and fight tears I thought about how easily we forget to appreciate the here and now. I thought about how quickly our children grow. I thought about the seasons of life we all experience, some happy and some sad. I thought about how ungrateful we become when we tire of the routine and the simple things. I watched this beautiful mama patiently buzz around her home balancing the needs and wants of those who depend on her more than anyone else in the world. I watched a dad being present and available when arms stretched out or tears came. Together they taught, comforted, engaged and embraced. I know there have been times when all I wanted was for laundry to put itself away, the children to clean up without being told, and the dishes to wash themselves. I was reminded of how important our work truly is. I was reminded of how important it is to work together. I was reminded that tomorrow is not a guarantee and that any one of us could wake up and suffer loss. The unthinkable.

This in home documentary session meant far more to me than I ever expected. The simple freedom to bake cookies, blow bubbles, push our babies on a swing and share a cup of coffee with our partner...that's what this journey is all about. My hope for those who take the time to scroll further and see a little bit of life with the MacDonald family is that you will begin to see the sweetness that is woven directly into the every day things of life. We don't need to long for more or better, we need to embrace what's right in front of us a little longer. We need to laugh a little harder. We need to dance a little more often. We need to slow down sipping that cup of coffee. We need to gaze a little longer at our spouse from across the room. We need to forgive a little quicker. We need to passionately live the life we have been given with those who are on the journey with us.

Don't be afraid to let me come into the every day parts of your life. I imagine one day these three little ones will stumble across these images and their hearts will be flooded with memories and stories to share with their little ones. Isn't that how it should be? This is your legacy and it's beautiful.