My day with Sarah Garman of Purple Fern Photography / by Rebecca Pickett

Let me just go ahead and say it ... one of my favorite sessions of all time. The world of photography is complicated and competitive. I've been doing this for eight years and through many ups and downs have yet to really find my tribe in this industry. I have so much respect and love for other creatives and love supporting them in any way that I can. This is the day I hugged a woman who I discovered to be one of my favorite people in my little world of art. Sarah hired me...that alone is one of the biggest compliments that can be given to a photographer. She didn't just hire me though. She hired me, invited me to INCREDIBLE home and let me photograph her with her most prized possessions, her littles. Humbled doesn't even describe the condition of my heart. In the weeks leading up to her session we text one another often and I came to realize that she was like my long lost photography best friend. Crazy how the world works. We laughed. We talked about motherhood. We laughed more. I'm so blessed to have this talented woman as a close friend now. Check out how amazing these three are! I cannot wait to do a couples session with her and her man, y'all!