A weekend of reflection and restoration | The Follow Your Heart Workshop Part I / by Rebecca Pickett

There are so many things that I could share about my journey as a photographer. I've been doing this for 8 years now and that doesn't include all those exciting teenage years of carrying a point and shoot in my back pocket or strapped to my wrist wherever I went. I'm self taught. I know there are people who believe that makes me unprofessional or inexperienced or even uneducated. Those people aren't my tribe and to be quite honest, that thought process doesn't fit well into my village anyway. I believe in what I do. I haven't always. I've grown a lot and have come through many seasons of change in this industry. This is very much a journey to finding myself as well as my talent and my passion. I have watched more youtube videos and tutorials than I can even remember. I have invested in equipment upgrades, business necessities and have given a lot of heart and soul for this career. This weekend out did everything I have every done for RPP. I want to be witty and clever in this post and I want you to know that this gathering of women was unlike any other I've ever experienced...but at the same time, I simply want to tell you that a weekend with Sarah Hill, Candice Zugich, Sarah Cornish and Spanki Mills completely changed who I am as a photographer. It wasn't that they gave me some secret I wasn't aware of or taught me everything I never knew ... it was simply that these four amazingly talented women poured their hearts and minds out to me and 22 other women. Their raw honesty and willingness to share made me realize that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. It doesn't matter if I'm as busy as I want to be or not ... this is exactly where I want to be and I cannot wait to see where this journey is going to take me. 

I'm sharing in two blog posts my images from the weekend. It was hilarious, shocking, emotional, fun and truly life changing. There were animals ... animals galore. There were jokes for days. There were tears. There were hugs. There were authentic friendships being manifested and seeds of love being spread all around. The Follow Your Heart Workshop is hands down the BEST investment I have made into myself and into my clients. I hope you enjoy the beautiful light, amazing models and intimate moments.