Fierce Women | The Follow Your Heart Workshop Part II / by Rebecca Pickett

In my 35 years there have been many women who have come along and poured into me. I have had mentors in just about every area of my life and without those women, I'd not be who I am today. Fierce women have taught me to love hard, work hard, laugh hard, forgive hard and pray hard. Because life is hard. I've come to love the word "fierce". It stirs something in me. It fits a woman who has stood strong in the storms of life. It applies to women who can humbly admit their weaknesses and mistakes and be real about their struggles. It embodies those women who accept that failure is part of the road to success and in fact it's a requirement. It describes women who have cried together, laughed together, screamed together and prayed together in this life because we can admit that we simply need one another. To all the fierce women who have spoken truth to me, poured love and wisdom into me, encouraged and uplifted me, and those who have forgiven me and loved me through the storms ... these images are for you. One of the highlights of my weekend in West Virginia was getting to photograph two women that I admire on so many levels. Candice Zugich and Sarah Hill have taught me so much and have shown me what it means to be fierce. They are the cool girls that let you sit beside them. They are the women who fully represent what it means to live out community over competition. They are power houses of talent, love and realness. I adore them, I admire them and I hope that in my life I make other women feel as amazing as they have made me feel. May we all know fierce women, raise fierce women and become fierce women.